providing low-cost Otopeni airport transfers

There are two airports in Romania, which serve it is capital Bucharest. We offer taxi transfers of passengers from Ruse to Otopeni airport (OTP). Also we offer taxi transfers for business clients to Baneasa airport. provide reliable, low-cost, door-to-door Bucharest Otopeni airport transfers (OTP)

taxi transfer to Bucharest International Airport Henri Coanda

Otopeni airport transfers

The airport is located in Otopeni, which is 17 km away from Bucharest in north direction. Now the town belongs to the Romanian capital. Otopeni airport has two modern separate buildings, called SECTORS – Departures and Arrivals. These two are connected via pedestrian covered tunnel. There you may find offices, bank, rent-a-car, post office, service for disabled people, VIP lounges, ATM machines, newspapers shop and packed goods and etc. Also at the airport there are automatic machines for taxi order. The taxis are waiting in a special area near the parking lot. At Otopeni airport (OTP) may operate only Romanian taxis, which serve the airport every day. The prices vary from Leu 1.39 up to Leu 3.50 for 1 km carriage.

Bulgarian taxis do not wait at the airport unless they have an order by particular client, made in advance. If you don’t have advanced order or personal order for a taxi from Bulgaria, you may hire a Romanian taxi. The price for transfer Otopeni-Ruse if you use Romanian taxi varies from EUR 60 up to EUR 100 and the money has to be paid in advance.

Before hiring Romanian taxi:

  • Agree on the final destination of your travelling in advance
  • Specify the final price – charge for crossing Dunav Most and vignette
  • Don’t pay the whole price before the service is completely finished, because this might be a prerequisite for a fraud
  • Before you pay, make sure that all your luggage is in your possession

At the official site of Otopeni airport (OTP) you may find information for all flights, you may book a hotel, you may order rent-a-a car or taxi. There is a lot of other information at this site to help the passenger or the welcoming party. We would like to point out that the information is available in two languages – Romanian and English.

Meeting and transfer from Ruse to Otopeni airport

Meeting and transfer from Ruse to Otopeni airportThe advantages to order in advance our taxi are:

  • For sure you will not miss the particular flight
  • Meeting at the waiting room with a sheet of paper, on which is written Your name
  • Rendering assistance during luggage transportation to the taxi
  • Final price without hidden charges
  • You will pay upon reaching the final destination, not in advance
  • The taxi is individual- only you will use it as a passenger

Тaxi to Baneasa airport

Тaxi to Baneasa airport,Bucharest Aurel Vlaicu Airport

Baneasa airport is the old airport, built during the Communist time and used till February 2011. In February 2011 it was closed for repair works and never was opened again for public flights. At the moment the airport is used only for charter flights with small airplanes having propellers. The reason for that is that during the years Baneasa airport, located at the quarter with the same name, has been located at the end of the town, but now, after the town has grown and there are a lot of people residing in it, they file claims against the airport because of the noise of jet engines of the newer and modern airplanes. Therefore, now Baneasa airport serve only small airplanes of tour-operators or private airplanes.